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Updated: Dec 16, 2021

A chauffeur only transports passengers in cars, this job requires more skills than that of a driver. They are hired to attend to the needs of their passengers and operate the vehicle with expertise in driving it safely. They have a service-oriented mindset and have the training to back it. With a chauffeur service, the focus isn’t specifically on just getting you to your chosen destination safely; it’s to deliver a superior standard of care and customer service from start to finish.

The universal trait is you have nothing to do but relax and enjoy yourself. Alternatively, you may wish to simply relax or grab a quick power nap on the move and let someone else worry about driving and traffic. It is the matter of convenience in being dropped off at the front door and letting the chauffeur figure out where and how to park. If you value your working time, you will not want to waste it. Simply get dropped off at the door and let the driver know when you need picking up. From the back of the car, you can still work and make phone calls on the move. If a CEO was to drive himself to all his meetings, he would not be able to use the time in between for work - phone calls / emails the same would be true to a certain extent if he were to use taxis as a certain amount of time would be wasted in between trying to book a taxi.

Premier Luxury Professional Chauffeuring Experience Travel Confidently Knowing Your Safety is Our #1 Priority

If you have somebody important working with you it could be a good idea to give them the benefits of our chauffeur driven car. Clients will appreciate the extra service making it easier for you to build a solid working relationship. Renting a car and driving it yourself can be stressful. There is no need to worry about insurance, licensing, routes or traffic as that will all be handled by our company. Driving can be incredibly time consuming, but with your own chauffeur, you get all of those precious hours back. Driving can be frustrating, stressful and even dangerous at times, for all kinds of reasons, including bad drivers on the road, traffic jams and confusion about directions in an unfamiliar area.

Five Star Service Provider for Blacklane Global Chauffeur

With a private chauffeur at the wheel however, you can simply sit back and relax, in the knowledge that you are in safe hands (and of course, you will always reach your destination arrived relax & on time. Our chauffeur themselves offer a valuable service in that they know the area and can offer advice on your local needs. Whether you need restaurant recommendations for a meeting or little pieces of information that only locals know. They can help you with your belongings and offer you support throughout your working day.

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